Follow Up – A Simple Way To Make 95% of Your Income

Follow Up

Follow Up

So in Arizona last week when I heard Anastacia (above) say that 95% of her income came from this one thing, I nearly fell off my VIP front row seat.
Because I’d seen her getting a check for nearly $200,000…!
Follow Up
And what’s this one thing?
Well, it’s nothing new or particularly sexy (unless you get turned on by $200k…)




It’s the one thing we ALL mess up on, right?

We focus all our energy on the elusive leads and then BOOM!

We get a sale…!

What’s next?

Follow up is a necessity!

It opens up the channel of communication and if you give great customer service, they will remember you forever.

Once trust is established, you can go back to that customer again and again and sell more of your product or service.

Good followup makes a customer feel special and it will set you apart from 99% of your competition.

So how do we do it?

Let me break it down into 3 simple stages:

1. Get Connected.

Seems obvious but many marketers don’t do this.
Find them on Facebook, Google Plus, Gmail or Skype.

2. Build Rapport.

This is vital and it helps to put yourself into the mind of your new customer.

To make this easier, I made a list of The 10 Things Your Buyer Needs 

  • 1. To feel welcomed and appreciated
  • 2. To feel comfortable and put at ease with their purchase
  • 3. To be treated with respect
  • 4. Prompt and timely service
  • 5. Assistance
  • 6. To be able to trust you
  • 7. To be heard and listened to
  • 8. To be understood
  • 9. To be recognised
  • 10. To feel important

If you can schedule a Skype or Zoom call with them within 24 hours and then talk to then like you would a friend then you will cement a bond of trust.

3. Send a welcome email.

The best way to make the initial branded personal impression on them is to send them an email, even before you have spoken or tried to contact them by other means.

You can include all your links to your sites, social media channels etc and you can gently push them towards the next step without seeming to be too pushy.


  • Use their name.
  • Give steps to take.
  • Finish with a Call To Action.
  • Then add them into your Facebook groups.

Hope you got value from this!

Now please don’t tell me that you won’t spend a dollar investing in your business!

If that’s the case then we are talking at cross purposes and you should maybe think about another line of work because I will only get sad when I see you still struggling, broke and overwhelmed this time next year.

On the flip side :

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Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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