50K Mastermind Webinar Invite

50k Mastermind Webinar

$50k Mastermind Webinar Invite

Some of you will already know I’m part of an amazing Facebook Group.
We’re called the $50k A Month Club.
It’s so true that you learn a ton more when you surround yourself
with other people on a similar mission to yours.
You can pick up the latest tips, tricks and hacks.
Plus it’s invaluable to be able to ask questions and share ideas in a non-threatening environment.
But we also have a higher level MASTERMIND GROUP that you normally have to be invited into.

AND NEXT WEEK we’re opening it up to everyone for a one-off Mastermind Webinar:

How Would YOU Like To Have $500, $1K and $3k Days On Complete Autopilot Without EVER Prospecting, Cold Calling, & Hosting Home Parties?
You CAN With This Online Business Model!
Join Members of the $50K MasterMind as we show you how YOU can leverage EVERYTHING we do to create this for yourself!
We are going to give you a tour INSIDE the exact simple 4 Step System that has allowed our members to go from overwhelmed, struggling Network & Affiliate Marketers to:
– Become Top Income Earners & Top Super Affiliates 
– Have 5 figure MONTHS
– Fire our bosses…NO MORE 9-5
– Make Sales While We Sleep
– And live the freedom lifestyle of our choice
Join us live for special bonuses!
>>   This Thursday, October 26th at 2.30 pm EST / 7.30 pm UK time   << 
Make sure you jump on this Zoom link or join us on our Facebook LIVE right here!! 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Win With Robin Podcast

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Are YOU An Online Orphan?


Are You An Online Orphan Or Feeling Abandoned By Your Upline?


online orphan

I live in a remote area of Scotland by choice.

There are probably more sheep on my tiny island than people. And that’s just the way my family and I like it.

In the past, I’ve lived in many huge cities including a glorious year in San Francisco. I’ve also worked for a multi-national oil company in the hectic chaos of London and spent a lovely summer working in the heat of Madrid, Spain.

But now I love the space and freedom of the rural countryside.

But it’s not for everyone.

Most years, people move up from the busy cities in the spring and dream of spending the rest of their lives in a country idyll. Then the winter sets in. They usually leave shortly after. The locals call them ‘daffodils’ as they come up in spring…

The other problem is they get lonely.

And this is a huge issue in online business.

I see it ALL THE TIME with clients.

They get sucked into the latest Network Marketing or MLM opportunity in a wave of excitement and hype only to be quickly left to their own devices by an amateur sponsor or a lazy upline.

So, are YOU an Online Orphan?

Did you invest in that amazing High Ticket Affiliate program only for it to fall short on delivering or to leave you completely abandoned and overwhelmed?

I know…. I see it all the time. Is it your fault? Probably not.

Has your need or desire to earn extra income gone away? Probably not either.

So what next?

Another leap of faith investing in more stuff/training and crossing your fingers to see what happens?

OR, why not instead use a proven stepping stone approach that ensures one-on-one Support as you get into a REAL business via MINDSET –> SKILLS –> SYSTEMS –> INCOME –> WEALTH.

An approach that works, whatever your chosen income vehicle is.

To try and shortcut this is futile and so most people fail before they have even begun. Skills and Systems are CRUCIAL. To work a proven, step by step process with the support of like-minded people towards your goal is a way for you to stop feeling lonely or abandoned.

Finally, stop being that home business or online orphan.

It’s absolutely a fact that you will only be successful online if you work alongside other like-minded people. You cannot go it alone.

So click here to see what we do and for FREE access to our extremely successful approach.

And no get rich quick brigade or tyre-kickers, please. Or sheep…

Thanks to Sean Moloney for the inspiration for this post. #smarthomebusiness

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Win With Robin Podcast

Have you checked out my new Podcast Show yet? Let me know what you think and if you like them please leave a positive review over on iTunes.Podcast Launch
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4 Reasons Why An Online Business Is Still Your Best Bet…

Is An Online Business Still The Best Bet? Here Are 4 Solid Reasons Why.

Online Business set to explode

Hi there… so one of the questions I get asked the most is this:


“So Robin, what’s the big fuss about an

Online Business, and why should I

take starting one so seriously?”

Well.. this is an enormous question, to be honest.

But today, I’m going to break it down simply for you.

The 4 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Starting An Online Business:

1. It’s where the future is…

It shouldn’t take long for you to realize that the Internet has already changed everything. People can connect in more ways than they’ve EVER been able to, and people
can buy from anywhere in the world, at any time. And to make things even sweeter for Online Business, it is projected that the overall “population” of the Internet
will grow to over 20 billion users by 2018.

Online Business



And there are still millions who’ve NEVER used the Internet!





By owning an Online Business, you’ll be positioning yourself in front of an absolutely massive influx of potential prospects, customers, and in the end, loyal fans.

One of the biggest and most defining characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs is the fact that they can see an opportunity and take immediate action.

So, ask yourself this: Do you think that having a medium through which you’ll be able to tap into over 20 BILLION customers over the next couple of years is an opportunity, or not?

I Thought so…Gold is an excellent online business


…And that should be enough to get you to start an Online Business TODAY.

2. Virtually risk-free income streams…

Here’s the deal: … once you start to figure this thing out

And once you start to figure this thing out just a little bit… and begin to build one of these Online Business things, you can add virtually never-ending streams of income, with little or no risk.

Yesterday my inbox was rammed with hundreds of new prospects hungry to find out how to find traffic online.

Online Business leads


You might have been one of them!

Many of them upgraded to higher priced items.

I ran a campaign through my PLS lead spittin’ machine.

The cost of the advert was less than the value of my sales.

This is what we call a self-liquidating offer.


The lesson is that once you have one of these – Online Business provides you with the means to add virtually risk-free streams of income on command, whenever you

Now I don’t know about you… but I like multiple streams of effortless income.

That is why they are effectively risk-free.

And then when you decide that you wanna start earning the big bucks… you can put on your big boy/girl pants and position yourself to earn $3,000 to $5,500 per sale and more besides.

Get say 2-3 of those a month… and guess what.. you’ve reached the elusive level of being a “6 Figure Earner”.

3. It levels the playing field…

Honestly, I think this has got to be my single favourite thing about Online Business. There’s no other model where you can get started for a few thousand dollars (at the very most), and have the ability to earn 6, or even 7 figures a year.

online business level playing field

Think about it: If you’re the ambitious Entrepreneur and you want to start a brick and mortar business, get ready to sink tens of thousands of dollars into a business that unfortunately, might very well fail (90% of all startups do after-all).

Been there and done that, sadly.

If you’re a little bit more strategic and decide you want to tap into a franchise (85% of which succeed), get ready to have to throw down a quarter of a million dollars to get

And we wonder why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. It should be obvious.

With an Online Franchise Model Business such as THIS ONE… you can get started at the highest level for a couple of thousand dollars, and actually, have MORE earning
potential than that Subway or McDonalds would that you’d pay over 200X more for.

It’s a no-brainer for me…

But, let me sweeten it with my BONUS so that it’s a no-brainer for you too. Join me in SAN and I will coach you for free until you make back your membership in sales.

4.  It requires intellectual capital more than anything…

Okay, now it’s time to buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride from here on in… So be warned.

You’ve been warned.

online business map

This 4th reason is something that the winners in our Online Marketplace totally LOVE, and that the losers absolutely despise, or instead just completely deny being true.

But here’s the deal: The only thing you have to do in order to run a profitable Online Business is to learn and master one or two skills that you don’t already have. It
really, honestly, isn’t that hard.

Use one of these as your sales machine, and then focus your energy on learning and mastering ONE method of traffic generation.

Whether it be Solo Ads, Facebook PPC, PPV, you decide… the important thing is that you focus on one, and then commit to MASTERING that ONE FORM of traffic generation.

The fact that your own intellectual capital (the skills and information you have attained) is the ONLY THING standing in between you and your dream life should
feel incredibly empowering… And to the winners, it does.

The losers, on the other hand, will find excuses as to why they can’t learn that form of traffic, why they can’t get positioned correctly, or why they can’t find the time to
invest in learning the skills. They’ll look for things to blame when they encounter small set-backs, and quit early. It’s true – I’ve heard every excuse under the stars.

online business excuses

Remember, the only way you fail is to quit… and the only way to succeed is to increase your own intellectual capital.

The best advice I could give you would be to start working on your own personal skills and NEVER QUIT. It took me a good couple of years minimum of PAIN, STRUGGLE, and FRUSTRATION to finally have my breakthrough. The most important thing to remember is that if your business success is the number one priority in your life, your success is not a matter of “if”, but more of a matter “when.”

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Win With Robin Podcast

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Back To Basics #1


How are you all today! The sun is splitting the sky here in Scotland and I just got a season best on a downhill biking course close to my home. 44 mph might not sound fast to you guys but on a flimsy carbon-fibre racing bike it feels fast enough for me!

Okay! Lots of people have been asking me to explain the basics of selling something online like one of the affiliate products I use for example.

They said they didn’t want to go into too much detail about Clickbank accounts or Warrior forums and the like – they just wanted a one page ‘dummies’ type of article.

So, here it is!


How To Sell – The Basics

1. Find an already proven High Converting Offer – like PLS for example.

2. Drive Traffic to it.

3. Make sure you have a Capture Page in front of the offer. That means people have to give you their details (such as name and email address) BEFORE they see the offer.

This is how you Build Your List.


What Is ‘Building Your List?’

  • Most people do NOT want to buy your stuff – especially if it’s an MLM
  • So if you lead with your Primary Offer you will fail 99% of the time
  • That leads to loss of revenue, time and confidence
  • However – if you can collect leads legally, of all the people who are interested but not yet buying from you, you can continue to market to them until such time as they’re ready to buy from you.
  • What you market to them is NOT just your primary offer. Instead market tools and training to them and other resources that they can use in ANY business.


What Tools and Training?

  • Tools – I use PLS for my sales funnels, plus some great training like Facebook training. It is easy to use and completely customisable.
  • Training – Elite Marketing Pro is the one-stop-shop for all my training on all aspects of online business. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


How Do I Get Started With PLS?

1. Login

2. Click the ‘EASY’ button – You have 2 choices;

3. Choose ‘A’ for the 7 Day PLS Trial and to promote PLS

4. Choose ‘B’ to promote a business of your own

5. Grab your pre-made URL links and paste them into Facebook, your Blog etc.


That’s It!

Find PLS here – http://powerfulwealth.cash-provider.com

Find EMP here – http://wordspinner.elitemarketingpro.com/letter-new.php

For greater depth than this plus a strategic overview of your business or marketing to date why not consider investing in yourself and pick up my discounted Autumn Coaching package. Everyone should have a coach and mentor. I do and she’s the best!

Enjoy the rest of your day!