Baby Born Pregnant! True Story…


Baby Born PREGNANT! That’s A Shocking Headline, Right?


And the most shocking thing of all is that it’s completely true.

The headline, that is…

NOT the subject matter.

A baby can’t be born pregnant, that would just be plain weird!

But I bet it grabbed your attention?

It did the same for me when I saw it, way back on my very first trip to the United States back in the ’80’s as a youth.

Back then, I’d never seen a ‘National Enquirer’ newspaper. And of course I use the term ‘news’ paper loosely.

In Scotland we didn’t have any stuff like that in those days. No 200 channels of TV, no infomercials, MTV or McDonald’s burger outlets. Happy days…!

And of course I knew nothing about marketing then either.

There I was, standing in the checkout queue of Walmart at 3 am, revelling in this new-found freedom – back home in many parts of Scotland, stores didn’t even open during the DAY on a Sunday, never mind all through the night!

So when I saw the front-page headline, ‘Baby Born Pregnant!’ did I buy the paper?

You betcha, I did!

And of course, the story was complete nonsense. But I still read the entire paper from cover to cover and I can remember doing so thirty years later.

I now know that the Enquirer is one of the most widely read newspapers in the world.

And that they always place them in the checkout aisle of supermarkets. We even have them here in Scotland now. Yippee…

And I totally understand and respect their marketing strategy. And so should you.

They know that in the checkout, we only have a few seconds to make our buying decision. So they offer us a very short two to three word headline. The sort of headline that would stop a rhino in it’s tracks.

What they’re doing is interrupting our brain patterns and making us take notice.

Your job as an online entrepreneur is almost the same thing.

You’ve got to engage with someone who is busy scrolling down their Facebook feed, checking their emails and SMS messages.

You need to interrupt these potential customers just long enough for them to click on your advert or post and go visit your website.

You can learn exactly how to use this strategy and then build a proven sales funnel around it when you join my happy band of expert marketers HERE.

But, as a quick tip and to provide value to you for reading this far, I can recommend that you just Google “National Enquirer Headlines” and you’ll see dozens of excellent examples. They truly are masters of Interruption Marketing.

That’s it! pregnant


Enjoy your weekend when it comes!


Keep Smiling!

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