Make A Success Habit Today!



Make A Success Habit Today!

Make A Success Habit Today

When I was the owner of an award-winning health and fitness business, I used to teach my clients the importance of cultivating a success habit. I knew then that it was the little habits, the daily habits, that would make or break their healthy living aspirations.

And today, it is just the same with business.

The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might and force of habit. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him – and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires.  John Paul Getty



Success Habit


So, if you don’t believe me, then hopefully one of the richest men ever will have convinced you of the importance of developing a success habit.



Let me give you some figures on this.

I studied Psychology and Economics at University. Did you know that around 90% of all our behaviour is down to habit?

In your typical day there will be hundreds of things that you will do the same every single time. Over the years, these habits will become set in stone across your whole life including work, relationships and even hobbies. Habits allow us to do stuff on auto-pilot and so save time and energy for more important thought processes. But if we are chained to negative and self-sabotaging habits then this is a major impediment to our business success.

To put it simply – to create a higher level of success you need to ditch the negative habits like never being on time, over-spending, time wasting on social media and replacing them with more positive and productive habits such as punctuality, budgeting and switching off the internet when you should be speaking to prospects.

Positive Habits Create Positive Consequences

When you dig deep into the daily routines of successful people then you’ll find that they didn’t become successful by accident. They got there by personal discipline, hard work and the cultivation of good habits. Look at Ray Higdon for example. He has become a wealthy online marketer by sticking rigidly to a famous daily routine that he is always happy to share.

Two Steps To Make A Success Habit

Take action today and try to involve those close to you in this as I find it always makes it work better. Think of them as an accountability partner.

Step One – Make a list of what you see as your negative habits, the ones that are holding you back from being the success you have aspired to.

Obvious ones, apart from those mentioned above are; procrastinating, not listening, inefficiency, laziness and not doing what you said you would do.

Step Two – Once you know what your negative habits are, the next step is to swap them out with positive, success-oriented habits and construct a system around you that will help you stick to these new ways of doing things.

So, if you’re continually late at starting work in the morning, a common curse amongst home business folks, then don’t stay up watching late-night TV and set your alarm an hour earlier each morning. Usually I find that if you make a check-list of all the things you could do to keep your new habits on track then success will be more likely.

Start slowly and don’t take on too many new habits at once. Keep it limited then once you’ve mastered one new habit then it’s time to introduce another.

Your motivation won’t be a problem once you start to see the successful outcomes of this new way of doing things.

So there you are! Get out there and see how much more successful you can be!

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

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Make a Success Habit with Win With Robin

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Keep Smiling!

Robin x

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I can solve that with Win With Robin

PS: Remember- If you want real solid help from people like me who have done it themselves then grab the FREE Attraction Marketing Formula 10 Day Boot Camp today!

Think about how this could make the difference to your business – but don’t take too long!

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